In October 1973, a former minor league baseball player, high school coach and teacher was shot a final time.
The well-known man, JC Dunn,47, was found in his bathroom with a 12-gauge shotgun in his hand. At the time of the alleged murder, Det. Ed West told The Ardmoreite that Dunn died from “a single blast from a 12-gauge shotgun... the pellets entered his neck ‘a little below and behind the right ear.’”
Ardmore Police Department Capt. Keith Ingle and Det. Landon Gary have recently revisited the case of the murdered coach and high school shop teacher.
“He worked for the school for many years,” Ingle said. “His wife was also a teacher there at the time.”
In 1973, police found Dunn, deceased, in his home on Campbell Street.
James Clark, the district attorney at that time, said that while Dunn’s hand was curled around the
automatic shotgun, there was “no question” his death was a homicide.
Clark also said the shell had “obviously been picked up,” as there was no casing found near Dunn’s body. Dunn’s wallet was missing and his money clip emptied, according to those initial reports.
Dunn, a former minor league baseball player, was employed by the Ardmore school system for about 18 years. He coached baseball and basketball and was well known in coaching circles.
Dunn had been shot previously, during a Sooner State League baseball game in Ponca City in 1957, when a man who’d fought with another player on Dunn’s team the previous evening went to the ballpark and began shooting at the players. Dunn was shot in the back and leg in that incident, according to Ponca City area law enforcement at the time.
Dunn’s body was sent to Oklahoma City for autopsy. Meanwhile, investigators noted that Dunn had played gin the evening before his death, with a suspect whose name appeared on checks which had been discovered shredded, in Dunn’s home.
According to Clark’s initial statements, Dunn was last heard from at 10:20 a.m. on Oct. 25, 1973, when he called the school to check the status of the classes he was to teach. Clark said Dunn was present for first period that Wednesday, then went home saying he did not feel well.
Just after Dunn’s body was found, a suspect was named, surveilled and arrested only to be released the following day after the individual passed a polygraph test.
“At one point, there was even a $5,000 reward for information about the murder,” Gary said. “There was a lot of information out there about Dunn and about the his death.”
Presently, Ingle and Gary are re-examining the case file and talking to people who were involved in the 1973 case.
“It’s hard to find information and people to talk to on a case this old,” Ingle said of the 45-year-old murder investigation. “Right now, we’re interested in talking to anyone connected with the victim.”
Ingle said even the most tenuous connection could be helpful in this case and that any of the victim’s friends, associates, family members or people that worked at the school in 1973 are encouraged to contact them to be interviewed.
Contact APD Capt. Keith Ingle or Det. Landon Gary at (580) 221-2524.