The crew at Parks and Recreation has now added additional mowing duties to their already long list of tasks.
“Everything is going really fast and furious right now,”  Alicia Henry, assistant director of the Ardmore Parks and Recreation  department, said at Thursday’s advisory board meeting. “We don’t ever have this much grass at this time of year. So between the cemeteries, the parks and everything else, we are staying busy trying to mow and weed eat, which we typically wouldn’t have that much right now.”
The new duties are stacked on top of the crew busily getting ready for next month’s Haunted Forest.
“That is coming up the last two weekends of October and Halloween night,” Henry said. “So our staff has been busy building all kinds of props and sets.” These two tasks are stacked on top of the work the crew has already got underway for the Festival of Lights.
“So we’re doing Halloween, Christmas, and summer with all the mowing. But they’re doing a great job and the lights are looking great,” Henry said.
To ensure no time is wasted,  work on the lights has continued in the rain, so that when sunny days returns they are able to dedicate their time to getting all of the new grass mowed.
Southwest Park was one of the final items discussed during the meeting.
“All of the sidewalks are finished, and she (Director Teresa Ervin) is currently looking at pieces to go around the trail that will encourage kids to play while their parents are walking,” Henry said. “There will be several different pieces, I think in four different spots. She’s been working with the playground companies to try to decide what she wants, but I think she is really close to ordering.”
Henry closed the meeting by stating that soon work will be beginning on the bathrooms at Southwest Park.
She also pointed out that all splash pads around the city will be closing on Oct. 1.