Anyone who drives down Wheeler Street in Ardmore has probably noticed a new pop of color near Maria’s Garden.
Skip Hill, a Norman-based artist whose work has been displayed at the Goddard Center, is painting a mural on the wooden fence behind the shop, owned by Maria Wilkinson. The mural itself, which features the message “Life is a Garden,” has taken shape over the last two months. Hill said the mural was her way of enhancing the area for the community.
“I was introduced to Maria and she’s had this idea for some time,” Hill said. “I’ve done these murals any number of places around the state. We talked it out, did some sketches and got some other ideas.”
The mural features large colorful flowers, stylized birds and a figure planting seeds. Hill said fantastical garden and floral imagery is a recurring motif in his work.
“It’s really my attempt to bring some positivity into the world, either through color or positive images,” Hill said. “In my college days I went through that whole ‘tortured artist’ thing, but I’m well over that.”
Hill said once this mural is complete, he and Wilkinson are interested in creating murals in other parts of town, either by working with local businesses or
collaborating with the city.
“What I’d like to do here in Ardmore is have some projects that combine business, art and community to work together on a project,” Hill said. “There are a lot of really cool sites, particularly with the renovations downtown.”
Hill said he’s met with the Ardmore Beautification Council and presented his work, but no plans for more murals are in the works just yet.
“I hope that people will see this, and maybe some businesses or civic-minded people will say ‘hey, maybe we can do this’,” Hill said.