Work continues on downtown Streetscape project after weather delays

After some delays due to the weather, work is now going full-steam ahead on the downtown Streetscape project.

“At this point to say that I’m praying for dry weather would be an understatement,” Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said. “We lost six or seven days in August due to rain and while I haven’t seen the final count for September, we lost quite a few days just in the last couple weeks.”

Now that the weather has relented, Boatright said that the city is working to make things resume and go as quickly as possible. He said communication is the crucial factor here.

“Because of the scope of this project there are a lot of people doing this work,” Boatright said. “We have a general contractor but there are multiple subcontractors. So there is a lot of communication and coordination that has to happen in the best of circumstances. It’s not just using the same 10 or 15 guys and saying come back as soon as it stops raining.”

Currently the work is ongoing on two major fronts: at the north end of Caddo and the north side of East Main between Mill Street and Caddo. 

On Caddo, crews continue to install the storm sewer system and the project is moving northward. Boatright said he expects the intersection of Caddo and Broadway to be demolished by the end of the week. Here they will be putting in three manholes to connect to the storm sewer as well as several inlets to collect stormwater.

On East Main Street, crews are working on installing new electric wiring for the new streetlights and will be installing new water meters and meter covers later this week.

“I was down there this morning talking to the superintendent and right now the majority of the concrete curb has been poured,” Boatright said Monday afternoon. “Hopefully by the end of the week’s they’ll start forming up the actual concrete that will go in and they’ll pour that sometime next week.”

Once the concrete has been poured, crews will install the bases for the new lights. OG&E will then come in at a later date to actually install the fixtures.