In a perfect world where the weather remains sunny and dry, all of the work on Stanley would be finished in just a couple weeks. In the real world where chances of rain for the weekend and early next week are at 50 percent or higher, the project will likely last through the month.
“The general rule is that when it rains you’re going to lose the day of the rain and then you’re probably going to lose at least another two days before you can do any effective work,” said City Engineer  Thomas Mansur. The road subgrade and the road sub base have to dry before work can continue. “Unfortunately there’s just no fast way to do that other than to let it air dry.”
While there are currently two separate areas of Stanley to be finished, work actively continues at only the intersection of Stanley and Washington. In spite of the rain delays, work on the storm sewer is almost complete.
“As soon as our guys get the storm sewer replaced, then the contractor will be able to tear out all the old concrete and replace it,” Mansur said. After the new concrete is in place the intersection will reopen temporarily.
“Once we’re absolutely sure we can get the curb installed rapidly, then we can come in, take out the rest of the pavement and replace it,” Mansur said.
The work at the intersection of Stanley and Commerce is currently also at a holding point. The intersection is “temporarily” opened because the roadway needs be torn out and replaced with new concrete.
“The contractor for this project is already approved and in place, but I don’t want to get him started until I am absolutely sure that we’ll be able to get the project finished quickly,” Mansur said. One thing that would slow the project down is rain and he does not want the project to get bogged down waiting for the ground to dry.
The project will likely not begin while crews are still working at Washington, but once begun, the entire project should take about a week. The plan is to tear out the old pavement, rework the base and pour the new concrete over the course of one or two days. Once the new concrete has cured for four or five days traffic can resume.