Sponsor flags for Ardmore City School’s Homecoming Parade are now available.
Local businesses and organizations can purchase a flag that will be displayed in downtown Ardmore during homecoming week. The flags will be on display on the black light poles along the parade route and feature the Ardmore “A,” and the sponsor’s name or logo. Family and Consumer Science teacher Robert “Chef” McGehee, who serves as the sponsor for AHS’ student council, said the flags are a new addition.
“If you’ve ever driven through Davis, they have them,” McGehee said. “Ada has them too, and I thought ‘We need them for Ardmore.’”
McGehee said eight people have purchased flags so far. There are roughly 80 light poles in downtown. The flags cost $110 each, which covers the flag, hardware and installation. The flags will be installed in time for the homecoming parade on October 13 and will stay up through homecoming week. McGehee said the flags will be on display next year as well. McGehee said the flags don’t raise any money for the school, and are simply a display of school spirit.
“When I put it out there I said the ultimate goal of student council is to bring school spirit back to Ardmore and to build connections between the school district and the Ardmore community,” McGehee said. “That’s why I really want to have these, to get that connection between the businesses, the city and the schools.”
Local businesses can also apply to add their own float or decorated car to the parade. The parade application is due on Monday. McGehee said the response has been encouraging, and he anticipates this year’s parade will be twice as large as last year’s.
“We are looking at about 10 outside entities in addition to every Ardmore school,” McGehee said. “We also have a Grand Marshall this year.”