Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game of football.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game of football.

Even more unfortunate is when multiple injuries riddle a team’s already low numbers.

The Healdton Bulldogs have had to now face this reality head on, and their head coach has made the only decision he felt he could for the safety of his players.

Monday afternoon, Bulldogs head coach Mark Barrett officially made the announcement that the Healdton varsity football team will forfeit the remainder of their 2018 schedule due to low numbers.

Following Friday night’s defeat at home against Walters, the Bulldogs were dealt more injuries to their squad, leaving them with not enough players to field a team in 11-man football.

“This was something I hated to do,” Barrett said Monday evening. “But I had to do it for safety reasons, and to keep from losing more players in the program. I just made the call for us to regroup and get ready for next season.” 

“We already had low numbers this season,” Barrett added. “There were just too many kids getting hurt that were young kids.” 

Healdton had struggled this season through six games, going 0-6 overall and 0-3 in district play.

The Bulldogs closest game of the year had come on opening night when they fell 33-26 against the Marietta Indians.

During their week three matchup against Tishomingo, the game had to be called at halftime due to the Bulldogs not having enough players to continue in the second half.

Healdton had scored just 15 points total in their last five games since the opening week of the season.