As of press time, search teams were postponed until daylight to continue looking for two teenagers who went missing near Pennington Creek on Sunday night. 

The two males, 17 and 19, were last heard from while they were at the creek, near the dam. Johnston County Emergency Management Director Jason Bryant said the last contact from the pair was received between 3 and 4 p.m., after which they appear to have entered the water. 

“We’ve been searching for them ever since,” Bryant said. 

Tishomingo Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, Lighthorse and several other organizations are aiding in the search. Dive teams are combing the creek, while ground search and rescue teams continue to search the surrounding area with dogs. 

“We haven’t found anything yet, but we did have signs that they went into the water,” Bryant said. 

Over the last two days, the creek’s water level climbed from roughly 11 feet to just over 14 feet, according to the National Water Information System.