Cory James Lee Howser, 40, of Davis, was arrested last Wednesday in Love County on multiple felony charges.
According to district court records, Howser stands accused of first degree rape by force or fear in Love County with two additional felony charges filed in Carter County including first degree rape of a victim under age 14 and forcible sodomy.
Bond was set for the Love County charge in the amount of $100,000 Tuesday.
Bond for the Carter County charges was set at $75,000.
The defendant retained Ardmore attorney Betsy Clark according to the court’s records. The status hearing in that matter was set for October 11 for the Love County charges.
A no contact order as to the victim was issued by Love County Judge Todd Hicks.
Howser was previously charged with forcible sodomy and first degree rape by force or fear in Love County in February 2018.
For those charges, Howser failed to appear for a May hearing, which resulted in a bench warrant being issued by Judge Hicks. The $5,000 bond was later reinstated pursuant to agreement of the bondsman in the matter.
Howser pled not guilty to both felonies and was set for jury trial in April 2019 prior to the addition of the Sept. charges.  
A Burks’ notice has been filed for both the Love and Carter County cases — this is short for “Notice of State’s Intention to Introduce Evidence of Other Crimes.”