Love and Carter County residents braced for the impact of inclement weather Tuesday, but nobody expected tornadoes in mid-October.
“Around 8 a.m. it began to rain,” said Love County Emergency Management Director AshLeigh Gillham. “Minutes later we started having reports of downed power lines and trees.” Gillham said seven homes were affected by the combination of high winds and  fallen trees.
“One house had its roof blow off and onto the house behind it. Other homes were damaged by fallen trees.” There were no injuries despite the damages, Gillham said. “The all clear was given between 1:15 and 1:30 p.m. The Red Cross has already been out here helping.”
National Weather Service Meteorologist Forrest Mitchell said there were a few weak, short-lived tornadoes across the central part of the state Tuesday.
“The initial indications show there may have been a spin up tornado in addition to straight line winds and a microburst in Love County early in the day,” Mitchell said.
Mitchell said the line of storms that moved through the region brought favorable conditions for this kind of lower level rotation.
“It’s sometimes difficult to determine what damage was caused from high winds or the smaller tornadoes,” Mitchell said. NWS data indicates that the tornado in Marietta Tuesday morning was likely in the Enhanced Fujita (EF) range of zero to one. An EF-0 would have winds ranging from 65-85 mph where an EF-1 would be from 86-110 mph. The rating will not be official until the data is collected Wednesday.
Amber Wilson, Ardmore director of emergency management, said the city’s street department was called out to cut up and remove downed trees that had fallen in the roadway as a result of the winds.
“We’re alright,” Wilson said. “We only had a little over an inch of rain today.”
Wilson said the drainage and water waste systems were handling the load well as compared to the struggles when the city received more than eight inches in 24 hours a week ago.
Paul Tucker, Carter County emergency management director, said no damage was reported in Carter County.