Tuesday, Oct. 2, was a night of big wins for Carter County at the Oklahoma Safety Conference. In addition to Craig Smith’s win for Telecommunicator of the Year, Carter County Geographical Information Systems Coordinator Jimmy Allen received the first ever Oklahoma 911 Technical Person of the Year.
The award was created this year by a partnership between the state 911 coordinator and The Oklahoma Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association and recognizes a worker who provides assistance to 911 departments.
“This might be a radio technician, an I.T. worker, or someone who does mapping,” said Carter County E911 Coordinator Shelly Stahlbusch.
Jimmy Allen happens to do both I.T. and mapping, so this factored into the OKLANENA officers’ decision to recognize him with the award.
Allen has worked for Carter County more than 10 years. While he was originally hired to work exclusively for 911, he now also does mapping for the assessor’s office and other departments.
“Jimmy is responsible for building all the maps,” Stahlbusch said. “He creates new layers that can be activated to show different types of information.”
The layers include city boundaries, school districts and parcels that show assessor property accounts.
“When I first got here all they had were addresses, roads and parcels but the parcels were not directly linked to the map,” Allen said. “So I saw where we could improve and I put it all together so that we can be more efficient.”
In addition to working for the county, he has also coordinated with the City of Ardmore to update the mapping system used at tArdmore Dispatch.
“We are very blessed to be one of the few counties in the state to have commissioners who see the value of having somebody of Jimmy’s talents on our staff,” Stahlbusch said.