Stormy, windy conditions in Love County on Tuesday have been categorized as a tornado by the National Weather Service.
Meteorologist Randy Bowers said winds reached between 105 and 110 miles per hour when the tornado touched down near the south side of Marietta. It only lasted a minute, between 7:58 and 7:59 a.m.  
“It moved from southwest to northeast, just northwest of the school and passing three blocks away from the courthouse,” Bowers said.
One home lost its roof, and several others sustained roof damage or damage from falling trees. The tornado’s path was roughly a mile in length.
Emergency Management Director AshLeigh Gillham said she watched the storm from her equipment and received reports from motorists who said the wind had pushed their cars as they drove.
“They believe it was an EF1, a combination of tornadic events and straight-line wind,” Gillham said.