With the 2018 election less than a month away, time for voters to make their final decision about the candidates for whom they want to cast their ballot is running out. To help with this decision, the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Ardmore Young Professionals and Leadership Greater Ardmore Alumni, are providing a candidate forum to help voters make up their minds.
The event will take place at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Ardmore Convention Center and is free and open to the public. All local candidates have been invited to attend.
“To date we have received
confirmation from all candidates with the exception of Miranda Shelton, the Democratic candidate in District 49 who cannot attend and the Carter County Commissioner from District 3, who did not commit participation,” said Mita Bates president and CEO of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce.
The group began the forums in 2010 and believe they are a vital resource for the community.The format allows the candidates to provide a brief statement and then answer a series of questions devised by a non-partisan committee. Each candidate will finish by giving a closing remark.
“The sponsors of the forum believe that an informed voter shapes the future of our area and the state of Oklahoma,” said Bates. “A committee of community leaders from both parties have met to develop the questions for candidates for each office. It is critical that voters educate themselves on the candidates and their positions on issues. Too often, voters are influenced by messaging that does not accurately reflect candidate positions.”
After the forum, candidates will be available to meet and greet attendees and answer any other questions attendees might have.
“The forum will provide non-partisan information on candidates and their positions on issues important to the citizens of Southern Oklahoma,” Bates said. “With the unprecedented number of new legislators and other elected officials in this election, it is even more critical that voters be informed and select those individuals who will best move the state of Oklahoma and our area forward.”
In addition to the candidate forum, the group will be hosting another forum on Oct. 30, where issues surrounding state questions appearing on the ballot will be discussed.
“We are still in the process of confirming all of our speakers for the Oct. 30 event,” Bates said. “Once again it is important to us that both sides are fairly represented and to date there are still a few questions that do not have representatives from all sides of the question confirmed.”