Ardmore Industrial Airpark is preparing for growth. During Monday’s meeting of the Ardmore Development Authority, the board approved a measure to enter into a professional services agreement for architectural and engineering services for a new box hangar and T hangar at the Ardmore Municipal Airport.
The box hangar will be built immediately north of the control tower and the T hangar will be located to the north of the box hangar. Mita Bates, CEO of the Ardmore Development Authority, explained the advantages of having both hangars designed and planned simultaneously.
“We can make sure we have more of a developed plan and that the structures complement each other,” Bates said. She continued by pointing out that designing both buildings at once also prevents any kind of access issues that might occur if the two were designed separately.
At the end of the meeting Bates introduced Bob Sullivan of Ameripointe Logistics and Steve Pastor of NAI Sullivan. She  explained their relationship to Ardmore Industrial Airpark.
“Ameripointe Logistics has an agreement with the ADA,” Bates said. “We lease the land to them and they actually own the rail loop.” In addition to owning and leasing some small portions of land in the area, the largest parcel they have is 490 acres on the east side of the runway. “That’s the greatest area where we partner with them,” Bates said.
Ameripointe Logistics has hired NAI Sullivan to act as their marketing arm and broker to help promote the airpark.
“We’re very excited about the expertise NAI brings, especially what Steve Pastor brings,” Bates said. “He is very well versed in this intermodal that we have here, and I think they will be a tremendous asset.”
Intermodal transport refers to a place where two or more methods of transportation are utilized, and Steve Pastor brings with him years of experience in rail transportation.
Pastor spoke briefly at the meeting and discussed the recent increase in the price of trucking goods due to more strenuously enforced trucking regulations. According to Pastor, some types of trucking are now up 37 percent. He believes companies will increasingly turn to rail transport as a more affordable option.
“The rise of rail is a national trend and that’s something we’re going to see here,” Bates said. “We’re looking at how to best integrate it into the other things we’re doing, and that’s where I think we’re going to see the real success.”