Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant made a statement Wednesday morning regarding a Tuesday arrest of an Ardmore man on three felony counts. 

Lance Marshall Gilley, 38, was arrested on charges of distribution of child pornography, possession of child pornography and violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. 

“There has been a joint investigation going on between the state Attorney General’s office, the OSBI and the Department of Homeland Security along with the Carter County Sheriff’s office,” Bryant said. “We found probable cause to charge Lance Marshall Gilley with three counts related to possession and distribution of child pornography…He is on a $10,000 cash bond.” Bryant said the initial appearance in the case will take place this afternoon in Carter County District Court. 

“We had a tip,” Bryant said. “It was found on his computer and his computer was seized.”  Bryant said they were able to find numerous files on that computer. “Crimes against children is unacceptable,” Bryant said. “We will do what it takes to hold those people accountable.” Bryant said Gilley is an Ardmore resident. “There is a crack down — every time we get a tip … we track those down and make sure they are substantial. We want to make sure we get as much evidence as possible and do the investigation thoroughly and get the arrest warrant issued.” 

Information about Gilley’s living situation was not disclosed at this time. Bryant said the investigation is ongoing in the matter.