Many area residents have unused or unneeded medications taking up space in their cabinets. To prevent these medications from falling into the wrong hands and ensure their proper disposal, INCA-RSVP will be hosting a medication take back day on Thursday, Oct. 25. Joining RSVP will be the United Way of South Central Oklahoma and the Carter County Sheriff’s Department. The event will be held at 1232 Merrick Drive in front of United Way from noon to 4 p.m. 

Amber Freeman, communication and capacity director for INCA Community Services, provided information about RSVP and described the event.

“RSVP provides volunteer opportunities for people aged 55 and older,” Freeman said. The organization acts as a go-between between nonprofits and volunteers in nine Oklahoma counties. Though this event is sponsored by INCA-RSVP, they help provide volunteer workers for any nonprofit organization in need. This allows the senior volunteers to remain active and involved in their community while providing extra help for deserving organizations.

Thursday, when people drop off their medications they will receive a free medication lock box to keep their prescriptions safe. Freeman said those that want to attend will not have to get out of their car to drop off if they do not want to because a drive by drop off will be available. She also pointed out that they will be taking back any medication, not just prescriptions. 

Attendees will also have access to information about medication safety and the opportunity to meet the event’s special guests. Congressman Tom Cole will be volunteering for an hour, and two representatives of the Corporation for National and Community Services will also be in attendance. 

“Tom Cole has been very vocal about supporting opioid awareness, so he volunteered to be a part,” Freeman said. “We’re also excited for the guests from CNCS. These people are appointed by the president and live in Washington D.C., so they are making a special trip to Oklahoma.” While in the state, they will also be attending other events to learn about local efforts being made to prevent the abuse of opiates.