Carter County Substance Abuse Prevention Committee is bringing back its mobile take back event next month. 

The committee will work with Ardmore Police Department and the Carter County Sheriff’s Department to collect expired or unused medications. Lisa Jackson, a Partnerships for Success coordinator in Carter County, said the event is slated for Tuesday, November 6. 

“We can take back anything besides illicit drugs, obviously, and needles and inhalers,” Jackson said. “As far as the needles, talk to the pharmacists. There are specific ways to get rid of them.”

Jackson said the committee will be equipped to dispose of small amounts of liquid medication.

Pick-ups can be scheduled by calling 580-768-3544. The deadline to schedule a pick up will be noon on November 2. Jackson said if no one picks up the phone immediately, anyone seeking a pick up should just leave a message and someone with the network will call them back. 

“Anybody that’s elderly, anybody that’s disabled and can’t make it to a drop off box and anyone who doesn’t have transportation could use this,” Jackson said. “There are a lot of people in the county who don’t have a vehicle.” 

Jackson said even having old or expired medication around could pose a risk. 

“If someone comes into your home, you could have people take medication out of the cabinets,” Jackson said. “Or if you have grandkids, even friends. If you dispose of it, it’s no longer there to take.” 

Last year, the group only completed about 12 individual pickups, but collected a total of 28 pounds of medication. 

“Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly,” Jackson said. “We just need to get people comfortable with calling in.” 

Jackson said the Carter County Substance Abuse Prevention Committee mostly focuses on Carter and Bryan counties, and isn’t likely to branch out into events in neighboring counties. Carter County Sheriff’s Office, the Chickasaw Nation Ardmore Senior Center, the Chickasaw Nation Health Clinic Pharmacy and Reed Family Pharmacy all have permanent drop boxes for expired or excess medication.