Carter County
Caleb Wynn Hacker, possession of firearm after former felony conviction
Phillip Nathaniel Jackson, domestic assault and battery in presence of a minor
 Allen Eldon Fox, Aggravated assault and battery
Brady Sloan Davis, embezzlement
Xzeal Laronn Hudson, possession of contraband by an inmate
Jeremiah Mark Hawley, domestic assault and battery by strangulation
Michael Scott McKinnie, DUI, municipal felony
Darius Keshawn Seals, unauthorized use of a vehicle
Justin Lynn Aycox, distribution of CDS methamphetamine
Joe Refugio Garza, unlawful possession of CDS w/intent to distribute
Tracey Lynn Dutton, distribution of CDS, methamphetamine
Tyler John Clifton Cheairs, feloniously pointing firearm
Martin Torres, larceny of an automobile
Gracie Vanessa Solis, larceny of an automobile
Love County
Murray County
Matthew Aaron Clark, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
Stuart Jacob Saunders, false pawn declaration

State of Oklahoma vs. Guadalupe Gomez Aldaba, larceny of automobile
State of Oklahoma vs. Colt Preston St. John, larceny of automobile
State of Oklahoma vs. Valentin reyes, domestic assault and battery by strangulation
State of Oklahoma vs. John Walter Gladden, first degree manslaughter
State of Oklahoma vs. Aaron Christopher Kastner, domestic abuse, prior pattern of physical abuse
State of Oklahoma vs.