In spite of another month of heavy rains, work on the downtown Streetscape project has made steady progress, and it’s becoming easier to visualize the completed project.
“I think in October we’ve lost around 11 or 12 days because of the weather,” Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright said, adding that rain can continue to hinder progress even after the rain has stopped.
 “If it’s a significant enough rain and you’re basically working in raw soil, it has to be dried before you can start working with it again.”
In order to make up some of the time lost, Boatright said crews would begin  working on Saturdays when the weather allows.
Some of the most noticeable progress has taken place on Main Street. Last week, workers poured concrete for the entire sidewalk on the north side of the street between Mill Street and Caddo. Tuesday morning, they poured the concrete on the northeast corner of Mill and Main.
“We’re hoping that by the end of next week everything on the block between Mill Street and Caddo will be done on the north side with the exception of laying the brick pavers, which will take some time,” Boatright said. The work on Main Street will then move a block west, and the demolition of the sidewalk will continue on the north side of the street between Mill and Washington.
Steady progress also continues on Caddo. Boatright said they are hoping to finish up the storm sewer work this week as long as the weather works in their favor.
“Once they get everything underneath the ground done, that means they can come in, prep the road and start doing everything above ground,” Boatright said.
A block north of the storm sewer work, Caddo is starting to look more complete. One factor is the new streetlights installed between Broadway and 2nd. While they have not been turned on yet, Boatright said he spoke to a representative from OG&E on Monday, and they are hoping to have them on by the end of next week.
“The reason they aren’t on yet is because they are working out a glitch in the programming,” Boatright said. The programming concerns the lights’ new “smart” capabilities.
“Any time the light’s go out, they will notify OG&E automatically,” Boatright said. “This is something new they are doing state wide and Ardmore is one of the first places to be able to utilize the new tech.”
Boatright also said the new lights will be LED so they will be both brighter and more cost efficient.
“There’s lots of different moving pieces still going on but now we’ve made enough progress that I think people can better visualize how things are going to look,” Boatright said. He is particularly excited about the work being done on Caddo.
“The property owners have been so patient with us because Caddo was completely destroyed because of all the work that had to be done,” Boatright said. “They’ve been so understanding and working well with our contractors. I’m so happy to see that work closer to done.”