Tuesday, November 27, will mark the beginning of the Christmas Season in Ardmore. Everything starts at Central Park with the Annual Tree Lighting, then the annual Parade of Lights will commence at approximately 6:15 p.m. Last year’s parade drew an estimated 10,000 people to downtown Ardmore, and everyone is hopeful this year’s parade will be even larger.
To honor two special citizens that have spent countless hours cleaning up the city and the surrounding area, the Promotion Committee of Ardmore Main Street has named Margaret Ward and Phillip Capshaw as Parade Marshals.
“We’re basically the king and queen of trash,” Capshaw joked. Approximately two years ago the friends formed ACT, the Ardmore Clean Team, to organize efforts to rid the city of litter.
In addition to the nearly 900 Facebook members of the Ardmore Clean Team, they have also organized two major clean-up events known as the Dash 4 Trash. The first Dash took place last fall and drew more than 150 participants to gather trash from all over the area.
The second event took place last month and drew about 80 participants on what was quite possibly the coldest and wettest day of fall.
“The people that came were so awesome,” Ward said. “They were real troopers and got out there and cleaned stuff up in spite of the wind and rain.”
“Our main goal is to just get people to notice all the trash that’s out there,” Capshaw said. “Once you see it, you can’t help but continue to notice it all.”
The two also want people to modify their own littering habits.
“I think a lot of people just throw stuff out on the way home,” Capshaw said. “Just today, there were five Styrofoam cups within about a one block area.
Ward thinks that sometimes people might be secretly eating and hiding it from their loved ones by throwing the evidence out the window.
“I did Kings Road the other day and there were tons of fast food bags,” Ward said. “Whoever it was was probably the same person because all the sacks were from the same place. I get the feeling it was somebody who was sneak eating before they get home.”
Any members of ACT who might be sneak eaters themselves can counter balance the effects by marching in the parade behind Ward and Capshaw as all members of ACT are invited to join the parade.
“We’re both really looking forward to this,” Ward said. “I think it’s going to be a great time.”
For anyone that would like to get involved in the parade, there is still time to join in on the fun by completing an application with Ardmore Main Street at 203 W. Main, or by calling (580) 226-6246.