The regular meeting of the Carter County Board of Commissioners met Monday morning with several items on the agenda. 

Two expenditures for local fire departments were approved, in addition to approval of other action items on the day’s agenda. 

Gear purchases were approved for both Springer and Woodford Fire Departments. Springer had previously asked for funding to purchase rescue air bags, according to Commissioner Joe David McReynolds, however those were not purchased at that time. The department provided quotes for a kit with two air bags and other attachments. The 22-ton high-pressure air bag system would be used for rollover collisions. McReynolds said the department responds to numerous calls on the Interstate where the equipment would be used. Commissioners voted to approve the low bid of $8,975. 

An expenditure was approved for the Woodford Fire Department for a set of gear for a newly hired firefighter. Commissioner Jerry Alvord said the cost of that equipment is set through a state contract which the fire chiefs agreed to utilize. According to previous expenditures for similar purchases, the wildland gear averages $1,100 per set and bunker gear averages $1,975 per set. 

The funds come from the fire tax which expired in 2011. 

Commissioners also approved an agreement with the Oklahoma National Guard for the possible use of Annex 2 for a training exercise this month. 

A road crossing permit was approved for Chickasaw Telephone Company in Section 22, Township 4 South, Range 1 West. 

The Carter County Board of Commissioners meet weekly at 9 a.m. on Mondays unless notice is posted otherwise.