Offensively in football, extra points and field goals can sometimes make all the difference in a close contest.

Offensively in football, extra points and field goals can sometimes make all the difference in a close contest. 

This season, Plainview Indians kicker Kenny Sutherlin is making his kicks go a lot further than just through a pair of uprights. He’s using them to help fight childhood cancer. 

Sutherlin is a member of the Kick-It Champions program, which was created in 2013 by a childhood cancer survivor Matt Colella as a way to raise money through his football kicking career.

Since the program launched in 2013, Kick-It Champions has raised over $1 million for childhood cancer research.

This is Sutherlin’s second season as a member of the program, as he was able to help raise $3,709 through donations made. 

Currently, Sutherlin is 24th out of 181 kickers who participate in the program when it comes to funds raised, with his goal being $8,000. He’s currently at $2,385 for the year. 

While Sutherlin’s legs are helping make an impact for his team on the field, his reasoning behind joining this campaign started off the field due to real life experience with family and friends battling cancer. 

When he was younger, his grandmother had a battle with lung cancer.

Sutherlin’s childhood friend, Robert Riley from Marietta, has also battled Leukemia. 

Both were his inspiration to start his part in donating to the Kick-it campaign. 

Sutherlin chose Kick-It Champions because of how the organization is run and it inspires him to do more.

“We chose this program because the percentage of the money that goes towards the program is almost 100 percent,” he said. 

“There is not a bunch of money going here or there. That’s why I like the program, because almost 100 percent goes towards the kids.”

Coaches and players love that one of their teammates is helping out others off the field. 

Plainview coach Joe Price is not surprised that Sutherlin is the one who is out there making a difference.

“Kenny is a good kid and he cares about other people,” Price said. “I think he has a vested interest in trying to help out other people. We do a lot of community service, and they wanna help people when they have the chance to and Kenny has the chance to do so.”

The Indians finished second in their district this season and are currently No. 6 in Class 3A entering the playoffs. 

Sutherlin has helped the team be successful, going 3-for-3 on field goal attempts and making 48 point after attempts so far in 2018. 

Although victory is the ultimate goal every week for Sutherlin, in the back of his mind kicking field goals every time to help out the kids is just as important. 

“I am obviously out here for my team and whatever is best for my team is best,” Sutherlin said. 

“It is a great cause and I try to keep my head wrapped around my team and the game plan, but there is a little bit of thought in the back of my head that I am kicking for kids cancer research and for such a great cause.”