Now, for a front page story that would baffle any time traveler: The first medical marijuana dispensary in Ardmore is open for business.
Pure Wellness CBD’s dispensary, located next door to the original CBD store, opened November 7.  Co-owner Todd Larkin said the first day was exciting, if nerve-wracking.
“The excitement of the day was amazing, just seeing a lot of people lining up outside for an awesome medicine that’s been illegal for years, that was a great feeling,” Larkin said. “For anybody who spoke up about cannabis or advocated for it, yesterday was a huge day.”  
The store opened to a line out the door and nearly ran out of stock. The dispensary works with AZAKZ LLC, a local licensed grower.
“We were able to get stocked back up,” Larkin said. “We saw about 40 people yesterday, today we’re pushing 55.”
Larkin said people are coming to the dispensary for a variety of reasons, but a majority of his customers so far have been people suffering from various types of pain.
“I’ve seen a lot of people revert to cannabis from [opioids],” Larkin said. “A lot of people are looking for hybrids that will help with pain, but also stress and things like that.”

Two strains, gorilla glue and blueberry kush, have been the shop’s bestsellers. Larkin said that as the month goes on, he plans to expand the shop’s inventory to keep up with consumer demands.

“We get some people who are connoisseurs and who know what they’re looking for,” Larkin said. “We also have people who are looking for something for day and night time.”

Other products like edibles, topical products and oils are on the way. In the meantime, Larkin said he’s an advocate for homemade edibles.

“Everyone’s familiar with edibles because of Colorado, of course, but they’re 15 years ahead of us,” Larkin said. “It’s going to take us some time.”

While Pure Wellness is the first, they won’t be the last. CBD Plus, another Ardmore store, is preparing to expand to cannabis products next week. Co-owner Jay Ashley said the store will start with THC products, then add oils, concentrates and cannabis throughout the month.

“We’ll have CBD products that will have about 6 percent THC to them,” Ashley said. “It will be an edible or sublingual oil that you can also smoke, tinctures and a wonderful pain cream.”

Getting his building up to fire code, following the letter of the emergency rules, and planning ahead for any rules and regulations that might come next, like many others, CBD Plus’ dispensary will have a waiting area, with the actual store behind a locked door and only accessible to customers with medical marijuana cards. Ashley said that security measure isn’t required by law, but may be in the future.

“We were preparing for what may come when the emergency rules go out the window and real rules are put in place,” Ashley said. “In Oklahoma, there’s going to be culture shock when those rules go into place.”