Dogs and humans alike had fun at Barksgiving in Ardmore Regional Park on Saturday.
Dogs from the Ardmore Animal Shelter visited Regional Park’s dog park in hopes of getting adopted while pets played, won treats, toys and frisbees and participated in a costume contest. Recreation Supervisor Tes Stewart said about 30 dogs and their people came to the event.
“This was a huge turnout,” Stewart said. “Even the lady from the shelter said there were more than she ever expected, but they all played together. It brought people out to the dog park that don’t normally come.”
Stewart said she created the event so potential adopting families could let their pets meet shelter animals. She said one of the shelter dogs found a home.
“It was nice for all of them to come out and play together,” Stewart said. “I’m looking forward to Home for the Holidays, too. A lot of people said they’d come back out and I’m hoping we’ll reach a few more people, too.”
Home for the Holidays is a similar adoption event slated for December 15.
Stewart said the dog-friendly events have gone over well, and she’s starting to recognize guests from past events. She said events like these were even more in demand than she realized.
“Dogs are like your family,” Stewart said. “They’re like your kids.”
Stewart said the event helped draw people to the shelter as well.
“It helps (the shelter) out,” Stewart said. “It helps the public come out to them and show what they have to offer.”
One family whose dogs dressed as scarecrows, turkeys and one pup in formal dining attire stole the show.
“They were all about it,” Stewart said. “In their family photo they were wearing pilgrim hats and everything.”