Memorial Square in downtown Ardmore will receive a touch-up ahead of Veterans Day.
The square, located near the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, features black and grey marble slabs that bear the names of veterans killed in action, along with the Oil Patch Warrior statue. Bill Main, with Memorial Art Monuments, volunteered to repaint the lettering on the black granite for the city.
“Just like a monument in a cemetery, over time that lettering just fades out,” Main said. “It just needs to be brought back to life.”
The engraved lettering is difficult to read in person and especially hard to capture in photographs.
“You couldn’t even see anything, it just looked like a black wall. I was hoping to at least get it started, so if people come to visit on Veterans Day they’ll see that something is happening,” Main said. “They’ve had people asking, saying they couldn’t read it anymore.”
The grey granite in the center of the square is visibly stained and would require more intense work. Main said granite is porous and prone to holding moisture, which caused the discoloration.
“Grey granite is bad that way, it will discolor,” Main said. “But the black is in pretty good shape. It just needed the lettering.”
For now, Main is focusing on the inscription on the older black granite. The portion of the monument to the right of the statue is somewhat faded as well, but the names are newer. Main said that segment will need to be restored eventually, too.
“We can bring it back to life,” Main said. “It’s just going to take a little time and effort, but we’ll get there.”