The medical marijuana industry is off to a big start in Ardmore. According to the city now has 10 registered medical marijuana dispensaries, 14 licensed growers and four licensed processors.
To help better serve these new businesses and the citizens of the city, Ardmore Director of Development Services Jessica Scott, Fire Chief Cary Williamson, and a code enforcer recently visited Denver to see marijuana facilities in a state with a longer history of legal sales.
“I learned so much,” Scott said. “It was very educational. Before going, a lot of people would come in and ask questions and I didn’t know the answer.”
In addition to meeting with her Denver counterparts, she also focused on visiting numerous dispensaries and asking questions about how they run their business.
“I asked about what kind of filtration systems they used for odor,” Scott said. She also said she took note of any smells
before she entered the building.
“I now know that air purifiers are not going to cut it,” Scott said. “It’s the charcoal filters that work the best.”
She also learned how dispensaries dispose of expired products. Ardmore’s medical marijuana ordinance requires a disposal plan, and she now has more options to suggest.
“It’s actually very easy,” Scott said, adding that different types of products require different disposal methods, some of which she learned while in Denver.
“For stems and leaves, all you have to do is mulch it and mix it with dirt 50/50,” Scott said. “With edibles you can mix them with various chemicals like bleach and then just throw it away.”
She also valued the experience of touring the numerous dispensaries and seeing the different ways in which the facilities were set up.
“It was great learning about the patient area versus the waiting area,” Scott said. “Now I can help people when they come in and ask about getting set up. I can say I’ve seen it four different ways and they all worked. So I can give people an idea what would work best for their location.”
Ultimately, Scott said the trip was highly successful and a valuable learning experience.
“I can help the people who are opening businesses to do things properly, and I can make sure everything is safe for the citizens of Ardmore. That’s my job.”