Well ahead of any construction on their fine arts center, Ardmore City Schools will hire a fine arts secretary.
The position was created in September, so fine arts instructors throughout the district would have someone to help them with paperwork and other time-consuming obligations. AHS Band Director Chauvin Aaron said a former AHS student initially held the position, but now the board is hiring someone new.
“They will help with all of our grants, all of our various things, especially getting ready for our fine arts center,” Aaron said. “There’s a lot of additional paperwork that has to be done through our business office, so that will be a great help.”
ACS Superintendent Kim Holland said the role ties into the district’s long-term goal of becoming a magnet school for fine arts.
“Chauvin is a lot more active than our last director and so he’s been instrumental in helping me raise money,” Holland said.
Aaron said the long-term plan is to create more community involvement with programs like the community band.
“That’ll free me up to teach, go to programs, get out in the community and do more advocacy for our department,” Aaron said. “Right now, that’s kind of where we are, just trying to communicate what our plans and goals are.”