Thanksgiving typically evokes thoughts of friends and families gathering around the dining table at Grandma’s. However, other families like to do things a bit differently. For folks like these, restaurants like Two Frogs in Ardmore can become just as much of a tradition.
“We’ve been doing this for 26 years now,” said owner Aubry Harris. “We’ve got a lot of the same families over and over.”
He said that every year the buffet has grown, and that this year they were entirely maxed out at occupancy. They opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 3 p.m. and served 700 people in that time frame – a to go order for 100 and 600 in the restaurant itself.
“Literally every table was full all day long,” Harris said. They took reservations for every hour on the hour, and had new groups of people come in to replace the tables that were leaving.
In spite of being at a restaurant, Harris described all the food as very traditional.
“It’s what people remember from when they were kids,” Harris said. “There’s nothing crazy to it. It’s just good traditional home-cooked food.”
While the restaurant has been serving the meal for going on three decades, there was one new item added to this year’s menu, macaroni and cheese.
 “Apparently people really like macaroni and cheese,” Harris said. “We did that for the first time this year instead of broccoli and rice casserole – and people love that too. You realize that if you put macaroni  and cheese in front of people, they are going to eat it all up.”
 In addition to the new food on this year’s menu, there were some new families in the mix. One of these families included 11-year-old Rylee Cooper of Wichita Falls who was joined by her mother, grandparents and uncle.