A case filed in April 2018 was dismissed Monday at the request of the victim’s family.
Charges for four felony counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by using technology were dismissed and new charges were filed with a new case number under a different felony statute, according to Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd.
“Pursuant to a plea negotiation based on consultation with [the victim’s] family and at their request, Cassandra White pled guilty to four felony counts of  Using Access to Computers [cellular phone] to Violate Oklahoma Statutes,” Ladd said in a statement about the case.
Ladd said White’s sentence for count one is a five-year suspended sentence, a $5,000 fine with conditions requiring her to surrender her teaching license, complete six to eight weeks of treatment  with Dr. Richard Kishur, complete 200 hours of community service and complete an alcohol and drug assessment and follow the recomendations. For  the other three counts, White was given 10-year deferred sentences to run concurrent with the sentence for count one.
“The case was resolved in this manner at the request of [the victim] and his family,” Ladd said.  “Each case presents a unique set of facts and circumstances and these facts and circumstances are assessed during plea negotiations.  In this case, consideration was given to the preferences of the victim and his family balanced with the need for some degree of accountability to the offender.”