A first time fundraiser for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 108 brought in more than $3,000 for five local agencies.
The officers gained approval from Ardmore Police Department to temporarily don facial hair for a five week period which ended this week — a move that technically violates departmental policy that allows officers only a mustache.
Those who participated paid in $25 each week to participate. Officers also sought sponsors from the community. “Over 60 percent of our guys participated,” said FOP President Matt Miller.
The participating charties have posted photos on social media throughout the no-shave November event as the FOP cut checks each week to that week’s dedicated cause. Those included were Sara’s Project, The Grace Center, The Children’s Shelter, The Family Shelter and The Soup Kitchen, Miller said.
“The outcome was way better than I anticipated,” Miller said. “We’re all hoping we can make it an annual endeavor.”