As online shopping becomes more popular, in Ardmore, the theft of packages from mailboxes and porches seems to be less so.
Package theft may often go unreported, but according to, Amazon and its third-party retailers sold about $1.5 billion worth of goods in Oklahoma in 2016. While package theft is sometimes considered a seasonal hazard, Ardmore Police Department said they’ve not received as many calls about the problem this year.
“I think the cameras and doorbells people have installed have been helping a lot,” Ingle said.
Ingle said he thinks the change is a result of more officers on the street than in previous years, along with the popularity of home security systems.
“We used to have an increase during this time of year, it seemed like,” Ingle said. “We don’t have a lot of it anyway, but it did seem to increase over the holidays.”
Ingle said that while the problem may not be as bad as it has been in previous years, there are still ways to safeguard against package theft. Keeping the porch lights on to account for earlier sunsets and deputizing neighbors or family members to keep an eye out are still important steps.