Thanks in part to the recent weather, the downtown streetscape project has been making up for lost time.

“The weather is such a major factor in any construction project,” said Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright. “You just don’t see it until you have a long span like we had before where it rained every two or three days for five or six weeks. Then you start realizing just how much it affects everything.”

On Monday, workers poured a large section of sidewalk on the north side of East Main between Mill Street and Washington. Additionally, all water meters on this block have been moved and they’ve even poured the majority of the curb of the median. 

Later this week they hope to begin demolition on the North side of East Main between Caddo and the railroad tracks.

“Our hope is to get everything on the north side done — or at least close to done — before they jump over to the south side,” Boatright said.

“They’re also making great headway on Caddo,” Boatright said. “To my knowledge they’ve finished all of the stormwater work — placing of the manholes, and all of the the drainage structures are finally all in place.”

Boatright added that they have worked several Saturdays and are watching the weather for this weekend. Currently plans are in the works to potentially work later into the evening a few nights this week in case of rainy weather,

Boatright also gave an update on the work being done on Stanley.

“We’re on pace to open up both ends of Stanley by the end of next week,” Boatright said.

While much the work on both the streetscape and Stanley projects remain ongoing, Boatright said they are excited to reach the finished product.

“I really hate that it’s such an inconvenience in the process, but it’s going to end up a lot nicer,” Boatright said. “It’s going to be something that will hopefully last us for a long time.”