City buildings with weary roofs will receive renovations soon. 

Ardmore Public Library’s roof is currently under construction and the Public Works building received some small roof repairs as well. Fleet Supervisor Tommy Miller said the Oklahoma Highway Patrol building in Ardmore is next on the list. Starting within the next two weeks, a crew will replace its roof.  

“We’re going to go ahead and get it stripped down, get it back up,” Miller said. “It’s got some damage from over the years, but we’re trying to keep these buildings in shape.”  

Miller said he estimates the project will cost about $27,000. Lakeview Golf Course, another city government property, has some structures with roof damage as well. 

“[Parks and Recreation Executive Director] Teresa Ervin is already starting to get bids for that,” Miller said. “It’s their pro shop and their maintenance shop.” 

Miller said the annex building across the street from Ardmore City Hall is also on his list of buildings with roof trouble. 

“The golf course is probably one of the newer buildings,” Miller said. “But all of the buildings we’re working on now are old, they have some age to them. It’s time to get them back into shape.” 

Miller has worked for the city for over 20 years. He said when he took the supervisor position in July, he started assessing city buildings for any issues. 

“Since I come from maintenance, I started looking at maintenance,” Miller said. “That’s where we started. We’re trying to get it started.”

The city is using the State of Oklahoma Roof Asset Management Program for the projects. 

Miller said that while using the program costs an administrative fee, it’s well worth it because it includes certain discounts and provides the city with a vetted roofing company. Ford Roofing and Sheet Metal is the designated company for Area 4, where Ardmore is located.  

“You’ve got the state of Oklahoma, which has approved these vendors to be on this list,” Miller said. “So, you know what they do is up-to-date or they can’t get on this list.” 

City Hall received extensive roof repairs about seven years ago, and likely won’t need any work this time around. Miller said a few more buildings may need repairs.  

“A major part of any facility is the roof,” Miller said. “It has to be done right. If it’s not, it leaks, and you know where we go from there.”