Community Development Director Jessica Scott is currently working on an ordinance to require all businesses to receive a license from the city. She hopes to present it to the city commission for approval in January.
The licensing would require a minimal fee, but Scott emphasized the fee would not be a penalty but something fair. The entire purpose of the proposed ordinance would be to help the citizens of Ardmore.
 “There is no business license in the city at all, and that’s difficult,” Scott said. “There’s no inspection to even ensure that the building is safe — there’s nothing. So we’re going to change that.”
Scott also added that the ordinance can help act as protection to prevent scammers, using an example of an unscrupulous “roofer” who takes a deposit and never returns.
“Right now, there is nothing I can do to track them. I have no way to know,” Scott said. “At least if they had a license from the city, you can ask to see their license. If they have one, we would have all their contact information.”
Scott said she has been reaching out to businesses currently operating within the city, and that so far she has had no objections.
“I’ve started throwing it out there to some of the businesses that we deal with, and they all think it’s a great idea,” Scott said. “I’ve talked to different types of businesses and they all agree.”
She went on to say that the ordinance would not interfere with the way the vast majority of businesses operate.
“An attorney once told me that any ordinance is written for three percent of the population because 97 percent of the people aren’t violating anything and wouldn’t,” Scott said. “But there’s always that three percent that just need a little bit of help.”
Scott said that while the fate of the proposed ordinance rests with the city commission, she will recommend that the ordinance be passed.
“I think we’ve needed it for awhile,” Scott said. “We’re getting larger, the population is increasing and there are more businesses every day.”