Since October 4, AT&T customers in the Ardmore area have been affected by five major outages with four of the outages occurring in just over five weeks. On October 4, November 6, November 19, December 4 and December 12, mobile customers were unable to make or receive phone calls and text messages or access the internet via their data connection for large portions of the day.
These problems extend beyond mobile service. On November 6 and November 19, outages also interrupted high speed wireless connections and even landlines.
After reaching out to an AT&T representative, the company said the reasons for the outages fell into two categories, equipment damage and cell site upgrades.
The two major outages in November occurred due to equipment damage. In these instances the actions of other companies working in the area damaged fiberoptic cables.
In an official statement, company officials said, “Recently, service for our customers was affected by damage to our equipment caused by other companies working in the surrounding areas. Whenever our equipment is affected, we work to make repairs as quickly as possible. We understand the effect of these events and share the frustrations they cause for our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.”
The other outages occurred because of upgrades to “several cell sites.” These outages generally only affected mobile service and were fixed within a few hours. For example, on Wednesday the service went down during the late morning hours, but was back up by early evening.
In their statement, company officials said, “As we work to improve our network, our goal is to minimize the effect on residents as much as possible. Unfortunately, some customers in parts of Ardmore may have experienced intermittent issues with their service as we worked to make upgrades recently to several cell sites. We worked quickly to finish these projects, which will boost capacity, coverage and the overall experience for our customers.”