Plainview High School set a 400 item goal for a new gift drive, then proceeded to knock that goal out of the park.
The newly-minted Plainview branch of the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, a leadership organization for high schoolers, ran a weeklong gift drive called “Things for Teens,” as a service project. The organization initially set their goal at 400 gifts, and the administration promised the students would get to take fourth period off as a reward for meeting the goal. At roughly 375 students in the high school, the goal was more than one per student.
“It’s crazy because for the first couple of days, we didn’t have that many,” Melody Parsons, one of the students who organized the drive, said. “Then Thursday, we went up almost 500 items in one day. We met our goal, and it just kept pouring in.”
By Friday, the school cleared 1,000 items, and fourth and fifth period were set aside for a party.
Plainview Counselor Mary Lynn Wood said there are roughly 25 students in the organization currently.
“It’s a Do Good December project,” Wood said. “We looked at the veterans center, nursing homes, Toys for Tots, and we decided teenagers are left out a lot of the time for Christmas.”
The donated items will go to The Children’s Shelter, Plainview Middle School, the Grace Center and other local organizations.
“They’re being distributed all over town,” Wood said.
Luke West, a sophomore, said they began discussing the project in November, eventually settling on the idea of a teen-centric drive.
Parsons said they asked students to think about items that they’d personally like to receive and set a $5 minimum. Some opted for gift cards, while others went for makeup, sports equipment and electronics.
“We’ve all done similar things, that’s just the kind of group we are,” Parsons said. “But I don’t think we’ve done anything this major as a school. This is a huge step for Plainview High School.”
With a few exceptions, like faculty members and people from the community, the haul came overwhelmingly from the students.