It’s not just you. The lakes are turning over, and Ardmore water tastes noticeably different as a result.
Ardmore Public Works Director Shawn Geurin said rapidly-fluctuating temperatures are causing the Lake of the Arbuckles, a reservoir located north of Ardmore, to turn over. The turn-over sends sediment-laden water into Ardmore’s treatment plant with a pungent odor and taste.
“What happens is the water in the lake, the hotter water starts rotating and changes places with the surface water,” Geurin said. “The plants aren’t designed to treat odor. I agree it stinks, but it does this once a year, sometimes twice.”
Water feeds into the Ardmore plant from Arbuckle Lake through a pipeline that runs through the Ardmore Municipal Airpark. Geurin said once it arrives, it’s filtered multiple times, but nothing can remove the smell and taste, which he describes as earthy and lake-like.
Geurin said despite the taste, the water is safe and the lakes will likely continue to turn over until the weather stabilizes. The off taste and smell are only considered an aesthetic concern. Geurin said lakes typically turn over in early winter or late spring, and may do so once or twice a year.
“Once it settles back down, we’ll be good to go,” Geurin said.