Attention last minute shoppers — only today and tomorrow stand between you and Christmas.
The good news is you are not alone in your procrastination. Megan Stedman, of Main Street Mercantile, said that a busy Saturday capped off an extremely busy week for area businesses.
“It’s been very busy,” Stedman said. “It felt like the whole town of Ardmore was up here at once.”
Owner Merron McCormack said they have barely slowed down since Black Friday, with this being a record breaking holiday season for the small locally-owned buisness.
Maria Wilkinson, owner of Maria’s Garden, said that while Saturday brought several customers, Friday was actually more hectic at her store.
“It’s been busy, but it hasn’t all been at once,” Wilkinson said Saturday afternoon, “It’s been more spread out. I think on weekdays people are running in on their lunch hour or right after work, so it just makes things crazier.”
Rachel Elmore, owner of The Pocket Shop, said that her Saturday was busiest right after opening but remained steady throughout the day.
“I would say half [of what we’ve sold] are for gifts, and half are for the purchasers— people getting a new outfit for Christmas,” Elmore said.
For those who still need to get some presents, Wilkinson offered some advice.
“I think even if a gift is last minute, it should always be pertinent for who they are for,” Wilkinson said.
Wilkinson said that one potential gift for Mom could be a lavender scented neck wrap. The wrap can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to help relieve tension. A potential gift for Dad could be some fun, unique socks.
Elmore said she always steers last minute shoppers to scarves or jewelry because they are sure to fit.
Stedman gave similar advice and suggested jewelry or a winter beanie for last minute shoppers.
For those who will be out shopping today and Monday, Wilkinson said to always remember small, local businesses.
“It’s certainly much calmer and more fun to shop at any of our small businesses than elbowing your way through crazy crowds,” Wilkinson said.