A historic building on the corner of 2nd Ave. NE and Caddo Street will soon be coming back to life. After renovations are complete early next year, it will contain 22 apartments, the office of SDG Architects and the Dew Drop Inn, a bar being opened by the owners of Cafe Alley.
Lance Windel, president of Oklahoma Property Managers, Inc. and CEO of Milestone Homes, LLC., said the building was first constructed around 1910 and he thinks it first served as a boarding house.
“Back in the early 1900’s when people would come in on the train, they would live here as a boarding house,” Windel said. “There were individual rooms and a bathroom down at the end of the hall.”
While the new apartments will all have their own bathrooms, many of the building’s historic elements and character remain. This includes wide hallways with large staircase landings and a large skylight over the staircase that was rebuilt to match the original.
“They had some electricity, but they might have had just one dim light in the hall,” Windel said. “The skylights were a very practical source of lighting.”
The apartments themselves also have many historic elements, which Windel admits comes with a drawback - their size.
“I’m going to be honest with everybody, the units are kind of small,” Windel said. “But they’re really neat — high ceilings, cool views, and lots of windows.”
Windel said they are expecting to have people moving in by the end of January and that they have a waiting list started.
Jasyn Norton, owner of Cafe Alley, said he expects to open the Dew Drop Inn around the end of February.
“We got the name from an old bar that used to be on the corner of Main and Caddo down in the basement,” Norton said.
The new establishment will serve premium liquors and will be open from 3 to 11 p.m. There will be no food prepared on site, however there will be a small menu of bar food items that can be delivered from Cafe Alley.
Norton is particularly excited to see Caddo being revitalized.
“We’re just trying to keep this whole area going,” Norton said. “Our corner here is really starting to shape up. It’s pretty exciting.”