Predictions of ice and snow had south central Oklahoma bracing for impact on Thursday, but the day stayed relatively uneventful.
Rain, snow and sleet fell throughout the day, but roads stayed relatively unfrozen despite the temperature. National Weather Service Meteorologist Randy Bowers said a Friday freeze is unlikely, but bridges and overpasses may still be susceptible.
“By the time the sun comes up, it should be east of you,” Bowers said.
Precipitation could continue to fall until 3 a.m. Friday, but may stop as early as midnight. He said next week forecasts predict temperatures will increase into the 60s.
Wilson Mayor Frank Schaaf said the city had to address a water leak by Highway 70 on Wednesday, but was otherwise relatively unaffected.
“It’s cold, wet and miserable,” Schaaf said. “But we’re doing alright.”
Wilson got mild snow Wednesday and Thursday and Wilson’s schools closed for the day.
“Unless it freezes [Thursday], we might have some issues then,” Schaaf said. “From what I’ve seen, we’ve dodged a bullet.”
Due to the weather, the Department of Public Safety temporarily reduced some services for Jefferson County, among others. Jefferson County Sheriff Jeremie Wilson said the county has been fortunate, as the weather didn’t pose a significant danger on Thursday.
“Of course, that could change,” Wilson said. “We’ve got a lot of precipitation.”
Wilson said the temperature is expected to stay around 35 degrees until Friday morning, meaning ice is much less likely to form on roads. He said that roads and overpasses will remain a concern either way.
“Don’t travel if you don’t have to,” Wilson said. “ODOT has been doing a really good job of keeping (the roads) sanded.”