When the Marietta City Council met Tuesday night, the conversation focused on plans for the coming year.
The main focus of conversation, however, centered on talks about the new Love County Justice Center being within city limits, but there is currently no connectivity between the land the Justice Center will call home and the city line. There will need to be additional land between the jail and the city annex as well.
The council pointed out that in order to be annexed the people who live in those areas will need to be behind the annexation. They also pointed out that those who live in areas currently outside the city limits would be able to get their properties’ zoning “grandfathered” in by the city.
Those being annexed would be allowed to continue using their land according to its current usage. For example, those who have livestock will still be allowed to continue raising animals until they sell their land.
Police Chief Dustin Scott said the city has options for annexation. For example they could simply “square off” the city limits while extending it north to the jail, or they could pick a smaller area and extend it to the jail.
Scott said he has spoken to a few residents who live in the area, and he said everyone so far has been receptive to the idea of being incorporated into the city limits. The council passed a motion for Scott to get a team in place to poll more residents in the area to discover the possible reception of annexation.
Two city parks will also receive updates. Both Memorial Park and Shellenberger Park should have new equipment this spring. Mayor Kim Fraire said parks are one of her top priorities this year.
“My goal is to have the splash pad open before the first of May,” Fraire said. “That way maybe some of the school kids can enjoy it, and some of the teachers can take some kids on field trips before the year ends. We’ll have a grand opening event and invite the public when it’s ready to be open.”
Fraire said she is hoping to have new playground equipment installed in Shellenberger Park before Easter.