This weekend the World Cutting Horse Association will be returning to Hardy Murphy Coliseum, and contestants of all ages will be competing to see who is best. Lanie Whitmire, who owns the WHCA along with her husband Ray, described what attendees can expect.
“There’s something for everybody,” Whitmire said. She then pointed out that there were different competitions for people of all ages.
“We have a class for ages 50 and over called the select, and then we have a class for those 70 and over called the super select,” Whitmire said. “We also have some classes for the youth geared towards people 18 and under.
Whitmire said the association has only been around for about five years, but in that time they have grown from only a few dozen members to over 2,000. The organization holds shows all across the nation and usually have between 150 and 300 competitors per weekend. This weekend’s show will likely be at the higher end of those numbers.
“We’ll probably have around 300 here this weekend, so it’s going to be a big show,” Whitmire said.
The show will run Friday and Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. in Arena 2 at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum. Whitmore said events will take place all day and end around 9 or 10 p.m. The event is free and open to the public on both days, so anyone interested is welcome to attend.
This weekend is actually the first of several shows the WCHA will be hosting at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum, and they will once again be holding their finals at the facility this October.
For more information about the World Cutting Horse Association, visit their website at