A notice of tort was filed this week against the City of Ardmore and the Ardmore Police Department stemming from a pair of arrests for operating a cab without a license.
The notice was filed this week by local attorney Jason May on behalf of his client Nicholas Cantrell. The City will now have 90 days to respond to the notice before the suit can be filed in district court.
According to the filing document, the notice states that “Cantrell was arrested, jailed, prosecuted, and convicted for operating a taxi without a license from the city, his car being impounded on each occasion.”
The filing document states that Cantrell, who was issued a taxi license through the city, was informed at the time of his first arrest on April 10, 2018, that his license had been revoked by of the Ardmore Police Department.
According to the document, after his first arrest, Cantrell consulted with Jason May who claims the city never instituted proceedings to revoke the taxi license.
The document claims that Cantrell still had a valid taxi license when he elected to start driving for Uber rather than risk a second arrest.
According to the document, on October 5, 2018, Cantrell was again arrested, jailed, prosecuted, and his car impounded, for violating the same ordinance. May claims in the document that at trial, the arresting officer testified that Cantrell had informed him that he was driving for Uber, but that he arrested Cantrell anyway because the officer believed that Uber drivers must have licenses from the city.
In the document, May alleges that the arrest violated state statute that prohibits cities from requiring a license for an Uber driver.
According to the document, the municipal judge found Cantrell guilty of operating a cab without a license from the city.
The tort claim is seeking compensation in excess of $10,000.
The City of Ardmore declined comment on the pending lawsuit.
Calls made to APD regarding the lawsuit were not returned by pressttime.