The Great American Cleanup is a long way away, but registration for the event began last month.
The Great American Cleanup, created by Keep America Beautiful spans from March to May, and encompasses thousands of community cleanup projects nationwide. The Earth First Expo, an annual event that was postponed last year due to inclement weather, is how the local Ardmore Beautification Council participates. ABC executive director Julie Maher said this year the event will be held April 13 at Heritage Hall in Ardmore.
“It’s going to be indoors, but the recycling part will be outside,” Maher said. “All the other things will be indoors, so people can come listen to people speaking.”
Speakers will cover environmental topics. Maher said right now the ABC plans to coordinate with the Ardmore Clean Team to plan a large citywide cleanup, not unlike the annual Ardmore Dash For Trash. The city will also collect hazardous household waste.
“Hopefully we will have a cleanup,” Maher said. “We always have worked with A2A, but anybody can be part of the Great American Cleanup, just by coming in and grabbing a trash grabber. I have all of those things.”
In addition to special trash-collecting events, the cleanup focuses on planting flowers, disposing of waste from electronics, recycling tires and dealing with other trash that isn’t as easy to dispose of.
Maher said her favorite part of the day is the recycling collection.
“I’m collecting stuff now for that,” Maher said. “People don’t want to keep it in their garages. That’s satisfying, because that’s my number one call.”
ABC has been participating in the event for years, but anyone with an aptitude for cleaning and a desire to help their community can participate.
Individuals and organizations can sign up to participate with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and to be provided with cleaning supplies like trash bags, gloves, vests, water, shirts and promotional materials, as well as grant opportunities. Registration is open at