Ardmore saw its crime rate continue to trend down in 2018. A 4 percent drop in crime follows a 12 percent drop from 2017. Overall, the city has seen its crime rate drop by nearly 50 percent since 2014.
The Ardmore Police Department released its uniform crime report this week, an annual report submitted to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.
According to APD Capt. Keith Ingle, 2018 also marked the first year since 2009 that no murders were reported within APD jurisdiction.
Also down: simple assaults, 15 percent or a total of 66; burglaries from residential and commercial properties, 9 percent (20 total) and 48 percent (33 total), respectively. Reported shoplifting was down 20 and theft from business fell 21 percent. According to the report, the value of stolen property also fell by 12 percent.
Not all reported crimes declined in 2018. Of the biggest jumps, rapes increased by 73 percent, an increase of 8 from the year prior. Of the 19 reported rapes in 2018, Ingle said four led to charges against the alleged rapist, in six the victim declined charges, six reports were considered unfounded, two of which the reporting party was charged and 3 occurred outside of APD jurisdiction.
Assaults on police officers increased by 89 percent, or 8. Ingle said about half came on domestic or assault calls where the officer was assaulted while attempting to break up a fight.
Aggravated assaults saw an increase of 22 percent, or 22 total. Ingle said the numbers had declined during the first half of the year, before climbing during the second half.
Auto thefts increased by 19 percent, or 12. Of which, Ingle said, all but ten vehicles were recovered, and 34 arrests were made. Twelve of the victims declined to press charges.
Thefts from automobiles increased by 58 percent, or 101.
“If people would just lock their doors we would have probably seen 50 percent less,” Ingle said. “Some even had their windows down, there were very few where a window was broken.”
On the roads, the city saw a 15 percent increase in auto collisions, while citations declined by 12 percent.
Total arrests by APD were down 3 percent, or 39.
Of note, no hate crimes were reported in Ardmore in 2018.
Total cases opened for the department declined by 6 percent, or 362, while officers were dispatched 4 percent more frequently, or 2,390 times.
“More people are talking to us, I take this as a good thing,” Ingle said. “We are proud of all our officers and of all the citizens for continuing to communicate with us.”