When the Ardmore Regional Park Authority met Monday afternoon, one of the primary topics of conversation centered on construction of The Clubhouse.
“We have received three bids out of the people who were at the pre-bid meeting,” Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said. All three bids come from companies in Oklahoma and two are local.
Ervin said that while the bids were relatively close to one another, the bid ultimately selected will depend on which of the “alternates” are selected.
“We have the base bid which is basically the building itself along with the miniature golf course and go-karts, but then we have the alternates like the treehouse, the challenge courts, and the ice rink,” Ervin said. Other potential alternates include a zip line and a water wars feature.
“We just have to decide which alternates we can and cannot do,” Ervin said. “Depending on which ones you pick, that can affect which one has the lowest bid. So we’re really looking at that closely and evaluating before we make our decision.”
Once the parks
department decides on a bid, they will then present it to the city commission who will vote on whether to accept it. Ervin said she hopes to present her recommendation to the commission in February.
Another topic discussed was the result of the year-end financial audit. Board member Jake Charnock described the findings.
“We did have our year-end audit,” Charnock said. “They issued a clean opinion for us, and that basically just means that there were no issues found.”
The board also discussed plans for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade and Celebration taking place on Monday, Jan. 21 at the HFV Wilson Community Center. The parade route this year will begin at Cardinal Park, take P St. to Martin Luther King Drive, then return down F St. to the HFV Wilson  Community Center. Mautra Staley Jones, vice president of institutional advancement and student affairs at Langston University, will be this year’s guest speaker.