The good news is the Ardmore area will likely not experience any significant amount of snow or ice this weekend. The bad news is wind chill will remain in the teens for most of the day Saturday.
Alex Zwink, a meteorologist with The National Weather Service in Norman, described the situation facing Southern Oklahoma.
“We have a very, very, very, cold Arctic air mass that’s going to be moving through and dipping down starting Friday night and into Saturday,” Zwink said. “As you get behind the front you’re going to be having rain associated with it, and as the front moves on past you’ll see the rain transition over into snow as the front moves on.”
Zwink said there will likely not be much rain or snow associated with this system.
“The big limiting factor compared to the previous winter storm is there is not too much moisture associated with this as it moves on through. So we’re not going to really see very much in the way of heavy rainfall or heavy snow.”
Zwink said that Friday night there is a small chance of thunderstorms but it will likely only amount to some thunder claps “here and there.” Friday night’s rain will turn into snow around 6 a.m. Saturday morning, and could possibly continue lightly throughout the day. However, Zwink said total snow accumulation should be less than an inch.
He noted the most important thing about this front is the extremely cold temperatures and wind chill.
“Saturday the high is expected to get up to 38 with the night going to get down to around 23, but the big thing with both of those is the wind is supposed to be pretty strong this whole period of time,” Zwink said. “The wind chill looks like it’s going to be pretty much in the teens throughout the day.”
He said that the weather would warm up into Sunday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the wind speeds and wind chill also becoming less severe.
Ardmore City Manager J.D. Spohn said the city has been and will continue to monitor the weather to insure it is able to take appropriate action if needed.
“They said they could see some strong, and maybe even severe storms Friday night, and even though that’s looking like it will be more in the Durant area, we’re really going to be watching that,” Spohn said. “When you’ve got that warm and cold air meeting up, that’s when you can really see some storms.”  He added that the next few weeks hold a few different chances for possible winter weather.
“For about the next three weeks, we got a chance, so we’ll be watching the weather closely,” Spohn said.