The next legislative session may not officially begin until Feb. 4, but for the 46 freshman members of the Oklahoma legislature, class is already in session.
“We haven’t officially started session yet, so right now it’s just a lot of meetings and trainings,” Townley said. “Being a freshman legislator, you go through lots of training.”
She said currently they are focusing on learning about all of the different departments run by the state — their budgets, hierarchies, and legislative agendas.
“Right now it’s truly a huge learning process. Even today, I was able to tour a prison,” Townley said Thursday afternoon. “The prison, like many other things, are all state run facilities  so you are learning the ins and outs of everything involved in our state, which is a huge organization. It’s a huge business. There’s a lot involved in it.”
Townley said the crash course training has put everything in perspective.
“I love every second of getting to learn about our state,” Townley said. “I love getting to learn about the people, the different offices and what they do. I’m just honored to be a part of it.”
Townley said that with 45 other new legislators, this is one of the largest freshman classes the Oklahoma Congress has had in many years, and they are taking the seats of former representatives for a variety of reasons.
“There are several who chose not to run again, like Pat (Ownbey). There are some that have term limited out, and there are several across the state who got beat in their primaries or their general elections,” Townley said.
Townley filed four bills this session.
“I’m still grateful to the voters of District 48,” Townley said. “I’m just so honored to be in this position and I want to do a good job. If anyone ever wants me at an event or to let me know about an important issue in the community I hope they’ll drop me a line and let me know about it. I want to be a part of my community and my district, and I don’t always hear about everything that is going on,” Townley said.
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