Davis High School isn’t gone, it’s just slightly off to the side.
The district built a brand new building with about twice the square footage of the old in a different spot on campus, with the footprint of the old school slated to serve as parking. Davis Superintendent Mark Moring said classes started in the new building on Tuesday, when finishing touches were still being made. Moring said the school had no choice, as the old high school was demolished over the winter break.
“With that demolition, there’s so much going on,” Moring said. “We didn’t want any students on campus while that was going on.”
In spots, the signs and TVs are still being put in place by workers who are still on-site. About two feet of dirt sits between students and what will eventually be the main entrance of the new building.
“The old school was falling apart,” Moring said. “There were big cracks in the walls, and where the wall and foundation met, you could see grass outside.”
The old school building, built in 1976, was in disrepair and had an outdated floor plan that posed security issues, with a centrally-located main office that meant visitors had to walk halfway through the school building to check in.  
“This one has a buzzer
system, an intercom, and with one, visitors come in through an airlock,” Moring said.
Moring said art and vocal music classes are now housed in the high school, when they were previously in a separate building. The new school also has an updated life skills classroom, where students can practice using appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.
The school’s library has a separate conference space with movable furniture that will serve multiple purposes. Students can use the room to work on group projects, and concurrent enrollment courses may eventually be held in the space.
The new building also has more soft seating areas, places with chairs and couches where students can spend time at lunch or after school. Moring said the idea is to give students a place they’ll want to spend time.
“There’s a lot more amenities, it’s huge right now,” Moring said. “We’re contemplating the idea of having a coffee bar or something in our library too. I want to have to run kids out of the library. There’s worse places than a library to hang out.”