According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association, as of Jan. 21, they have issued 33,214 patient licenses and 207 caregiver licenses since medical marijuana became legal. In general, the total number of patient licenses issued has grown by between 2,000 and 3,000 per week.
In order to supply products for the ever-increasing number of consumers, the OMMA has issued 2,710 business licenses so far. Recently, this number has grown by between 50 and 100 per week.
Ardmore Community Development Director Jessica Scott said the city has recently received an increase in information requests about opening a medical marijuana business.
“When the law first came in, we had a lot of calls right at first and then nothing,” Scott said. “I think that now that the waters have kind of settled down, we‘re having another big influx of marijuana.”
Scott said the city currently has six commercial permits issued, and she guesses there are about six more facilities in the works. She also said they receive calls almost every day about ventilation, odor control, and if an address is within 1,000 feet of a school.
Of the businesses currently operating, Scott said the city has not had any code enforcement issues or complaints.
“They’ve all been compliant, and just doing their own thing legally,” Scott said. “I think a big part of that, too, is that we had so much regulation in the beginning and we worked so closely with each applicant that everybody came to an understanding about the rules. There were no misconceptions.”
Scott said the city has also been issuing more home-grow permits.
“It was slow at first, but I think that the word has been getting around that it’s an easy procedure,” Scott said.
Scott said that the home growers need to bring their state-issued medical cards when they come to apply for a permit. The permit also gives city employees an opportunity to discuss the rules, such as marijuana cannot be grown in the front yard and must be kept under lock and key.
“If you put it behind your backyard fence, lock the gate,” Scott said. “That way a random person can’t just open the gate and walk in. All we are requiring is just that one extra step.”
She said either a combination lock or padlock meets the city’s requirements.